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Congratulations, you are now probationary member of OBRPC club.

  • Each Probationary Member must complete the requirements to become a full-time member of OBRPC. The requirements must be completed within 6 months of the probationary period.

  • If you lost or misplaced the activity sheet, you can download new form here

  • Each Probationary club member MUST Participate in at least (2) events and in addition Observe at least (3) events. Upon completion these requirements, the probationary member should attend the general membership meeting to become a full-time member of OBRPC*

  • When you arrive at the meeting stop by the new member table to process your paperwork and pay the remaining fees owed. You can use the Fee calculator below to determine the amount due

  • The general membership meeting is held at Friendly Sons of the Shillelagh on Oak Street off of Route 18 in Old Bridge (refer to the event calendar for the meeting schedule).


*Please note that the remainder of the membership fees will be collected at the time of the general membership meeting. Use the link below to open the page where you can calculate the amount that you will owe at the general meeting when becoming the full member.

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