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Location: Indoor Range


Gary Chandler, League Chair                                       

Art Steinhauser, League Co-Chair                                                                                  

Please make sure that you register

for the match before the match date at:

Outlaw Rimfire Challenge is designed to introduce participants to the fun and excitement of competitive Steel shooting in a safe, low pressure, family-friendly atmosphere.  Participants must be able to manipulate the firearm safely themselves.  Rimfire challenge events are designed to be completed by shooters of all levels without the need to reload “on the clock” with a main goal to hit all the steel targets in the course of fire (string) as quickly as possible. all firearms will require a minimum of 5 magazines or speed loaders to participate. Strings may have up to 7 targets of various sizes and shapes. 5 strings will be shot in each stage and the fastest 4 strings will be scored. 22 Long rifle pistols and rifles with iron sights as well as any optic are allowed. 11 rounds maximum per string is allowed.  No holsters, no movement of the shooters required. Beginners are welcome to come and experience Steel Shooting.


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