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Robert Raike                                                

Match Director, Old Bridge IDPA                                                    

848-200-6792 Cell                                   


Prim Rosario

Co-Match Director, Old Bridge IDPA  




Founded in 1995, the International Defensive Pistol Association (lDPA) is the governing handgun-centric body for IDPA competition, a shooting sport based on simulated self-defense scenarios.


The IDPA competition format was designed to be enjoyable for all shooters of all skill levels, with a premium put on the social in interaction and camaraderie of the members. Participation in IDPA matches requires the use of handguns, holsters and other equipment suitable for concealed carry self-defense. Promote safe and proficient use of firearms and equipment suitable for concealed carry self-defense.


OLD BRIDGE IDPA offers a practical shooting sport encouraging competitors to develop skills and fellowship with like-minded shooters. Provide a level playing field for all competitors that solely tests the skill and ability of each individual, not their equipment. IDPA provides shooters with practical and realistic courses of fire and test skills that could be required to survive life-threatening encounters.


We Have Matches On:

Second Sunday of every Month, set up starts at 7:30 AM and the match starts at 10:00 AM. We set up seven to eight stages.  


To register for the match go to look for Old Bridge IDPA 

Web site:

Facebook: idpaoldbridge