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Location: Indoor Range

Contact: Ed Glidden

Description: Bullseye is handgun based shooting that focuses on accuracy and precision

1st thru 4th Mondays relays 5:00 PM and 6:30 PM Year Round

Accuracy is how close one gets to center target. Precision is about repeatability - how often one achieves that accuracy.
An NRA-sanctioned three gun bullseye match requires you to shoot identical 90 shot courses of fire with each of three guns.
Gun one must be a .22 rimfire pistol or revolver, the second must be a center fire pistol or revolver of .32 caliber or larger, and the third gun must be a .45 caliber pistol or revolver.
Although many shooters use open sights, optical sights are allowed, including conventional scopes and red dot sights.
The "slow fire" round allows 10 minutes for 10 shots at 25 yards. In "timed fire", shooters are allowed 20 seconds for each five round string.
Ten shots are fire at each target at a distance of 25 yards.
"Rapid fire" is also shot from 25 yards but only allows 10 seconds for each 5 round string.

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