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Indoor Action Revolver

Location: Indoor Range

Contact: Ed Bradley


Description: Any type revolver: 9 mm up to 45 caliber. The revolver can be 6 shot or 8 shot and can be reloaded with Moon-Clips, Speed-Loaders (minimum 4). A holster and anything to carry ammo in for reloads is required. Come and give it a try! If you have a revolver that has been locked away and is in hiding go find it, clean it up and get some use out of it. Must be prepared by 6:45 on range, Shooting starts at 7:00 PM !! .

5th Friday of any month

Revolver action is similar to USPSA but for Revolvers Only. Tombstone (NRA D1) and Steel targets is what we shoot at. Any questions and concerns shoot me an email.

Sign up is on Steel Scoring(OBRPC Action Revolver Match)

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