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Action Indoor

Location: Indoor

Chairman:   Mike Cosentino (
Co-Chair:     Mario Rodrigues (


This is the place to learn about shooting USPSA Action Matches. Action shooters move, negotiate obstacles and shoot. Scoring is by speed and accuracy.


We meet the First and Third Friday of every month starting around 6:30 PM and generally wrapping up around 11:00 PM

Our matches are open to all members of the shooting public (Old Bridge members, non-members, IPSC/USPSA members, non IPSC/USPSA members). Please register online at www.STEELSCORING.COM if you plan on attending.
Registration is limited to 30 competitors for Indoor Action.

All new shooters must observe one match and get credit for observing before registering for indoor match.

You won’t need any special equipment to try this, any serviceable safe pistol will be sufficient. You will need a min of 3mags, but best if you come with 4 or more. Typically four 10 round mags will be more than you need to try out. Unfortunately not all pistols are suitable for Action Shooting. Specifically the Ruger Mark I, II and III and the High-Standard target pistols as they do not have a standard magazine release.


Most nights we will run 4 stages consisting of 12-32 rounds each.
Indoor matches generally require between 60 and 80 rounds to complete, but we always suggest that you bring at least 100 rounds.
Sanctioned USPSA matches are held at the Outdoor Range on the 4th Sunday of every month except December. New shooters are welcome.

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